Who Came To Visit




































      There are from time to time the different visitors that are attracted to the things growing in the garden.  Here you can see that some are welcome guests and others are intruders  that can cause some problems.  But they all call our attention to them and we are interested in what they are doing.









                Robin nest





    This nest that the robins had in the top of the trumpet vine was just the right height so we could see into the nest.

   The light is shining through the leaves.











                Black lady bug










  This deer did not stay very long so it was hard to get a good look at him.






            Cabbage Butterfly

















             Young towhee


















           White crown sparrow







       Ice cycles on the bird feeder.




























             Humming Bird























       Robin eggs and cherry seeds.









              Baby robin





























Tourtise Shell Butterfly

















Robin feeding the babies in the rafters 

of the shop where a nest had been made. 

                                                  Frog On The Grape vine


Baby Snail



                                                                     Mountain Dove