Sweet Peas

     The soil was so poor it had a hard time to grow sweet peas.  There were a few flowers coming and they smelled so sweet.



     We planted some of the other type of sweet peas that do not have as much fragrance to them and they did quite well on the strings. 





     They have a different texture and there were only the pink and white flowers.   We kept cutting the pods off so it didn’t look so shaggy.






















































 "The seed vessels of wild peas and beans, when dry, open and curl up with a sudden snap which expels the seeds sometimes to a distance of twelve to twenty feet. Indications of this habit are seen in the cultivated varieties, the seed-pods of which often curl with a snap when opened." 

December 8, 1898 EJW, PTUK 782 


 "Is sugar healthful? 

In the shape of candies it is very unwholesome. Sugar is highly carbonaceous, affording but little nourishment to the system. Most of the refined sugars have a constipating effect on the bowels." 

1868 JNL, HBH 194