It’s amazing how much variety you will have to grow from one little package of asters.  Some are fluffy and some are flat, and some are big and some are little with a great variety of colors.  They have been showing up each spring for several years and each one give us a surprise.  I can hardly wait to see what the next one is like.


























 "THANKS, O Lord, for all that thou hast created common! Thanks for the blue heavens, the sun, the stars, murmuring waters, and the shade of embowering oaks - thanks for the corn-flowers of the fields, and the gilly flowers of the wails - thanks for the songs of the linnet, and the hymns of the nightingale - thanks for the perfumes of the air, and the sighing of the winds among the trees - thanks for love, the most common sentiment of all - thanks for all the beautiful things thy stupendous bounty has made common. - Alphonse Karr."

January 22, 1857 UrSe, ARSH 91