Rabbits Foot Fern

     This is an easy plant to grow and is the most interesting sight of intrigue and beauty with the fresh lush of ferns so delicate.  It has had a lot of time to grow all theses stems from something so small.  As the name tells us the stems look like rabbit’s feet. 






Just a little piece of this fuzzy stem will grow you a new beautiful fern.








"Great changes have been made in the methods of making and using paper since the ancient days when the bulrush papyrus was pounded and pressed into parchment. Besides the common use of paper, it is now being used for maing a multitude of things, from a water pail to a carriage wheel. And it is made from as great a variety of materials. Thus we are told that in the United States there are over 2,000 patents relating to the manufacture of paper.  

"Some of the patents provide for the making of paper from the leaves of trees; from hop plants, bean stalks, pea vines; from the trunks and stalks, of Indian corn and every variety of grain; from moss, hay, and more than 100 kinds of grasses; from straw and cocoanut fibre; from fresh water weeds and sea weeds; from sawdust, shavings, and asbestos." 

October 4, 1894 EJW, PTUK 637