Morning Glory


















    There have been three kinds of morning glories growing here over time and some are smaller with blue and lavender colors blending, which make a striking contrast to beho


     Also the white wild morning glories grow along the creek and through the trees hanging their trailing stems through the branches and showing the lovely white glow of the blooms as they dangle in the air.






The creek over grown with morning glory vines

















     The Heavenly blue are what do not even look like they belong on this planet but here they are.  Isn’t the Lord generous to share such a thing with us?  Even though morning glories are short lived it gives us a glimpse of God’s love and power to think of the human race and show His almighty feelings.












"Some of you have watched a flower winding up a string, a morning glory winding around a string. Perhaps you have seen a vine climbing up a lattice, and you have watched the end coming out, and turning in, back and forth, between the interstices of the lattice. How does the vine know what to do? There is an intelligence that is present in the plant, in all vegetation."

April 1901 N/A, GCB 492


 "The things of nature upon which we look today give us but a faint conception of Eden's beauty and glory; yet the natural world, with unmistakable voice, proclaims the glory of God. In the things of nature, marred as they are by the blight of sin, much that is beautiful remains. One omnipotent in power, great in goodness, in mercy, and love, has created the earth, and even in its blighted state it inculcates truths in regard to the skillful Master Artist. In this book of nature opened to us--in the beautiful, scented flowers, with their varied and delicate coloring-- God gives to us an unmistakable expression of His love. After the transgression of Adam, God might have destroyed every opening bud and blooming flower, or He might have taken away their fragrance, so grateful to the senses. In the earth, seared and marred by the curse, in the briers, the thistles, the thorns, the tares, we may read the law of condemnation; but in the delicate color and perfume of the flowers, we may learn that God still loves us, that His mercy is not wholly withdrawn from the earth.  

     Nature is filled with spiritual lessons for mankind. The flowers die only to spring forth into new life; and in this we are taught the lesson of the resurrection. All who love God will bloom again in the Eden above. But nature cannot teach the lesson of the great and marvelous love of God. Therefore, after the Fall, nature was not the only teacher of man. In order that the world might not remain in darkness, in eternal spiritual night, the God of nature met us in Jesus Christ. The Son of God came to the world as the revelation of the Father. He was that "true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (John 1:9). We are to behold "the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" 

(2 Corinthians 4:6).  

1SM 291