Honey Suckle

     We put this honey suckle by the big old maple tree and it climbed the tree for several years and showed its bright orange here and there.  The robins had a unique nest on the side of the trunk of the tree.  The honey suckles’ round cups which are a pale green hang from high branches during the summer. 








    When the old maple got too old it was cut down and we thought the honeysuckle had given up as well but we see that the vine is coming back amongst the other bushes.





     In the house where our oldest daughter lives there was a honeysuckle of a different type that grew over an arch just to the side of their front door so we planted a piece of it by our creek where the spruce trees are.


  " We have a large space of land devoted to ornamental trees and flowers. I have scoured the country for different plants and I have a large bush of lemon verbena honeysuckle. We have a large variety of roses, dahlias, gladioli, geraniums, pinks, pansies, and evergreens. This must be a sample settlement, to tell what can be raised here.-- 

     I hope that all who can possibly do so will come to this first term of school, where the Bible will be made the most important line of study."

8Mr 253