The begonia flower is so special.  But they do take more thought and care than most other plants.  One day our oldest daughter gave us a big bag of begonia tubers.  Some of them grew quite nicely and came up the next year to show us they were still in existence.  









     We were delighted with these wonderful flowers they gave us to enjoy.  There are several other kinds of begonias doing well and they like to bloom a lot.










































 "My mother was a great lover of flowers, and took much pleasure in cultivating them, and thus making her home attractive and pleasant for her children. But our garden had never before looked so lovely to me as upon the day of our return. I recognized an expression of the love of Jesus in every shrub, bud, and flower. These things of beauty seemed to speak in mute language of the love of God. 

"There was a beautiful pink flower in the garden called the rose of Sharon. I remember approaching it and touching the delicate petals reverently; they seemed to possess a sacredness in my eyes. My heart overflowed with tenderness and love for these beautiful creations of God. I could see divine perfection in the flowers that adorned the earth. God tended them, and his all-seeing eye was upon them. He had made them and called them good.

'Ah,' thought I, 'If he so loves and cares for the flowers that he has decked with beauty, how much more tenderly will he guard the children who are formed in his image.' I repeated softly to myself, 'I am a child of God, his loving care is around me, I will be obedient and in no way displease him, but will praise his dear name and love him always.'

 1880 JW, LIFSK 145