We thought it would be interesting to try some of the plants that are mentioned in the Bible.  One of them is this tasty herb called rue.  It is something you want to use very little of according to some reports that I have read.  








     The flavor is very pleasing to me.  The little yellow flowers leave a hard pod of interest in design


  "I advise you to make your diet abstemious. Be sure that as a rational Christian sentinel you guard the door of your stomach, allowing nothing to pass your lips that will be an enemy to your health and life. God holds you responsible to obey the light He has given you on health reform. The rush of blood to the head must be overcome. There are large blood vessels in the limbs for the purpose of distributing the life-giving current to all parts of the body. The fire you kindle in your stomach is making your brain like a heated furnace. Eat much more sparingly, and eat simple food, which does not require heavy seasoning. Your animal passions should be starved, not pampered and fed. The congestion of blood in the brain is strengthening the animal instincts and weakening spiritual powers. . . .     

     What you need is less temporal food and much more spiritual food, more of the bread of life. The simpler your diet, the better it will be for you."


CD 102