Bright Pink











     This geranium has been around for a long time.  It is brought in the house for the winter and keeps growing and then early spring it usually gets a trim.  The pieces can be put in water for a while and then into the soil and it will start a new plant.  Over the years there have been other colors added to the collection but this one is our favorite.  The seedpods are interesting long green points. 









It is a very easy plant to care for and in return gives lovely scalloped leaves with a unique smell to it.


















 "Mary, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you get a small box and put in it small pink roots and slips, a few choice rose cuttings, fuchsia, and geraniums; and send also at the same time, if thought best, some on or two or more of my scrapbooks that contain pieces especially treating on the mother's duty and influence in her family. I would like that little blue-covered book for youth and any other books that would help me in the work we design to get out, Mother's Influence. We want these things as soon as they can reach us."

--Letter 3b, 1881,

14 Mr 282