Candy Tufts










     Some years ago these seeds were planted in the flowerbed by the house.  Each year they keep growing their beauty even though other plants have pretty well taken over this plot of ground.  It certainly is a favorite of mine and I never cease to wonder at the many kinds of flowers there are that God has made.  Its beautiful pink will cheer anyone.  It usually only gets to be about a foot high or less.













"And so it is in God's book. Jesus is the Great Teacher, and He has beautiful ways of teaching His beautiful lessons. "Who teacheth like Him?"  

We are now right in the midst of "blossom time." The hawthorn, Iaburnum, and lilac are giving place to the honeysuckle and wild roses, and then all declare His "living Word to every living thing." In the gardens are the roses, the pinks and many other blossoms, among which   

"A little monitor presents her page

Of choice instruction, with her snowy bells,

The Lilly of the Vale."  

What is the message of the flowers? What do the roses and the lilies say? Here is one message that the Lord Jesus has written in them, which you may hear if you listen to their teaching: "I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valley."  

Where then does the rose's sweetness and the lily's delicate beauty come from? Like everything else that is good and beautiful it comes from the one Source, the true Rose and Lily, the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Not only the water and the light, that we were talking of last week, but all fulness comes from Him. The beauty of the flowers is a little unfolding of His hidden loveliness, and in their fragrance He is perfuming the air with His sweet breath.   

So every lesson that the flower teach must be of Him, in whom they, like ourselves, live and have their being.  

There is something very wonderful about God's lesson book, and that is, that we all, from the very aged down to the tiny child may learn our lessons from the same page. This is because it is "a living word to every living thing." 

In the little flower God speaks to the infant attracted by its bright colours, but the same blossom carries a message to those of all ages who have "ears to hear." And as we grow, the lesson grows, and we still keep learning, never ending, never reaching the place where we can say that the lesson is learned and the page can be turned; for the thoughts of God unfolding in the flowers can never be fathomed." 

June 14, 1900 EJW, PTUK 378