African Violets





     An elderly lady that we had known for a while came to our house and she gave us a little plastic bag with some leaves in it.  These African violet leaves were planted in dirt and they started growing.  This pot of violets has since shared its leaves to start new plants to share with others. 








     This is a super beauty pink with crepe petals and they keep blooming so wonderfully all year round.  We keep them in a north window where there is no direct sunlight and fill the saucer about once a week. 







     This Blue African violet was a surprise from my husband and sits in the same window and is also producing more little plants.














 "That is, he did not give learned and high-sounding discourses on these subjects; he spake of the things themselves. The very flowers themselves were studied, and discoursed upon; not the flower plucked off, and torn to pieces, and each piece designated by an almost unpronounceable term, and that perhaps in a foreign language,—not this, but the flowers as they grew, in garden, field, or forest, just as God caused them to grow, clothed with living beauty. And the lesson which God teaches by each flower was learned from the flower as it stood; for instance, the lovely little violet growing demurely among the grasses."

February 22, 1898 ATJ, ARSH 124