When the cosmos first come up with its dainty green leaves you would almost think you were in the tropics for its lush appearance.  But then it stretches out and all this wonderful greenery is decorated with the simple but bright colors of the cosmos to brighten their corners. 








     Sometimes they get so tall and top heavy you may want to support them.  Their seeds are very prolific.  Their colors are the soft colors from white and pink and shades of lavender but the smell kind of leaves you wondering.



 "Israel's Flowery Land" 

"When speaking to the Children of Israel of the goodly land to which the Lord was leading them, Moses described it as "a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills," and "that drinketh water of the rain of heaven;" the result being that it was "a land of wheat and barley, of vines, and fig-trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil olive, and honey; a land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, thou shalt not lack anything in it." Dr. MacMillan has given the following interesting description of the present beauty of the Land of Palestine due especially to the quantity and variety of the flowers that bloom there:- 

"The Jews of old fed among the lilies, for their land was pre-eminently the flowery land. It merited that name far more than China, which has usurped the title. Though not larger than the six northern counties of England, Palestine possesses 2,500 species of flowering plants, or nearly twice as many as occur in the British Islands. Dr. Tristram calls it "the Garden of Eden run wild." Every traveller is struck with the immense profusion, variety and brilliancy of the flowers. In the early months of the year the ground is not seen for the multitude of them. 

The flowering season lasts only a very few weeks; but during this period crowds of brightly-tinted blossoms flourish in luxuriant succession day after day, like the wonderful mountain flora which rushes up as if by magic on the pastures of the Alps in May or June, and fringes the limits of eternal snow with a rainbow loveliness. All the flowers of Palestine have very much the general look of spring or Alpine flowers, and owe their fresh and brilliant appearance to the same cause.

The Land of Promise was called "a land flowing with milk and honey." Its abundance of milk depended upon the rich verdure of its fields in spring; while its profusion of honey was owing to the immense quantity and variety of its flowers. And as it is well known that these and other insects are allured, in their search for the sweet juices upon which they feed, by bright colours and fragrant odours-those very qualities which render flowers so attractive to our senses-to certain plants in order to aid in fertilising them; so we can trace the connection between the splendid flora of Palestine and its enormous production of honey. The bright flowers favoured the increase of the bees, and the bees favoured the increase of the bright flowers. And in this way the country was beautified and enriched, until it became one great garden of the Lord-was made musical with the hum of bees, and gay with the laugh of flowers. The scenery might be featureless and destitute of grandeur, but the flowers by their abundance and beauty imparted to it the form and colour that were wanting. God did not neglect the bright adornment of flowers on the table which He had prepared and richly furnished for His people. That Beulah land which they married was bountifully decorated, like a bride, with the appropriate ornaments. That second Eden had not only every tree that was good for food, but also every tree to be desired for its beauty. Among these beautiful lilies the idyllic life of the people was spent, and there loveliness and fragrance entered insensibly into their souls, and formed their character; while they cheered and graced their common toil in the fields and the pleasant relaxation of their festivals."

 May 3, 1900 EJW, PTUK 284