The Hill

























































     This tiny hill was one of the first sections of the garden we worked on when we moved to this house. 












     Over the years different things have been planted here on its top.  One time it was a miniature red rose that did so well in showing its bright red color at the peak.  But most of the time the sweet Williams have come back year after year to wave their lacy flower family. 




































       Carnations on the hill









































































     They each have their own particular design on them with frayed edges.  I never tire of examining the different ways the Lord has painted pictures on these tiny blooms and the color range is endless.  This year there are some carnations on the center of the hill so you know from a distance what is there from the striking fragrance in the air.  They look similar to the pinks that are by the apple tree, only they are a more light lavender.










     Our oldest daughter wanted her picture taken by the little hill for her graduation.



On the hill you need more water for it dries out faster!

All the living need water.





 "Marah and Elim! How near they lie to each other! Thus near to each other are the bitter and sweets of life, the joy and the sorrow of time! Both in the same desert, and often times following each other in the progress of one day or hour. The bitter, too, is first - then the sweet. Not first Elim and then Marah; but Marah first and then Elim - first the cloud and then the sunshine - first the weariness, then the rest. In token of this, we broke off a small branch of palm from one of these Elim trees, and laying it on the similar branch which we had brought from Marah, we tied them together, to be kept in perpetual memorial, not merely of the scenes, but of the truth which they so vividly teach. - Bonar's Desert of Sinai." 


May 6, 1858 UrSe, ARSH 199