Green Fruit Avocado



















     Have you tried the green fruit?  We never get tired of avocados.  Toss them in your salad or slice them on the toast and they melt in your mouth.  You can put lemon and onion and garlic and other seasoning with them and make a spread or dressing.  Jesus had a wonderful idea when he made avocados.  They are so simple, so make a great meal for any type of person.







A Dream

   "A grove of evergreens was presented before me. Several, including myself, were laboring among them. I was bidden to closely inspect the trees and see if they were in a flourishing condition. I observed that some were being bent and deformed by the wind, and needed to be supported by stakes. I was carefully removing the dirt from the feeble and dying trees to ascertain the cause of their condition. I discovered worms at the roots of some. Others had not been watered properly and were dying from drought. The roots of others had been crowded together to their injury. My work was to explain to the workmen the different reasons why these trees did not prosper. This was necessary from the fact that trees in other grounds were liable to be affected as these had been, and the cause of their not flourishing and how they should be cultivated and treated must be made known."  

1T 632