A Yellow Lawn

     It’s only for a while but the lawn turns yellow in the spring when the fresh dandy lions show their blooms.  It is a beautiful yellow and the leaves are a deep green and make a nice contrast.  Soon the lawn mower makes it look different but the one here and there are still peeking out. 






     The dandy lions along the fence where they do not get cut off grow very big leaves and flowers and they are good for you to eat.














 "But as far as material for greens is concerned, you need have no concern; for to my certain knowledge there are in the section of country where you live many kinds of vegetable productions which I can use as greens. I shall be able to obtain the leaves of the yellow dock, the young dandelion, and mustard. There will be a far more bountiful supply there, and of a superior quality, than we could obtain in Australia. And if there was nothing else, there are the grain productions."  

CD 323  


"Spinach, beet-tops, cabbage sprouts, mustard leaves, turnip leaves, cowslips, dandelions, and deerweed, are all excellent for greens. They all require to be carefully washed and cleaned. Spinach should be washed repeatedly. All the cooking requisite is boiling till tender, and drain on a colander. Lemon juice is the only admissible seasoning."


1865 JW, HHTL 50