In the tropics of the big island of Hawaii is where my brother lives.  Several years ago he sent us a bag of macadamia nuts.  So we planted lots of macadamia nuts in pots to see what they would do in Canada.  Well, there were lots of little macadamia trees coming through the dirt.  What a delight to see God’s power at work in the house.  Even though the sun was not as much as we would like they did grow to little trees about a foot high. 






     They are supposed to get little flowers after about six years.  But of course that is to be expected under ordinary surroundings. 


















     This year we put one out in the garden and then we had a hard frost, so we were sure that we had lost the tree.  Now it is July and it has grown three little leaves, which gave us an unexpected surprise.  There are several in the house that are a beautiful deep green.




 Taste The Excellent Nut  

     In Queensland there has been the growing of a 

wonderful tree with tasty nuts that grow on it 

called the Macadamia nut.  It is the most sought 

after of all nuts.  The call for them cannot be filled. 

So at different places around the world people are 

starting to plant orchards of nut trees.  

     For the tree to grow some nuts on it you will be 

waiting about six years.

     By the streams where there is plenty of water you 

can find the nut trees growing in New South Wales.

     In1881 they started growing Macadamia nuts in 

Hawaii.  The big island sells a fair amount of nuts.  

They like a place where there is no frost but they 

have planted some in California. They will grow in 

the house for a few years when you start them from 


     The tree is a spreading, beautiful symmetrical 

shape with deep green long leaves and they can be 

shiny.  Some of these trees grow to be 30 feet high.

     The trace nutrients and vitamins and minerals 

and wonderful oils found in macadamia nuts make 

them a great food for an everyday delight.

     Of course the scientists are looking into the other tremendous values of these nuts.  Different areas 

depending on the soil and climate their food value 

will vary.

Your heart disease risk is lowered when you daily 

use macadamia nuts. But you have to get rid of the 

junk foods that are full of toxins.

     These nuts have sufficient protein to grow a healthy 

body.  Lots of different minerals are naturally found 

in the macadamia nuts as potassium and phosphorus 

and magnesium and trace minerals.  Of course there’s 

calcium in these nuts also along with other good elements.


      To have the good quality of nut the grafted tree is 

the best.  It will produce the texture and flavor most 

pleasant.  The nut is round like a marble with green 

hulls that dry and fall off but the nut shell has to be 

cracked by using a strong device like vice grips and 

strong nut crackers.  If it wouldn’t ruin the nut you 

can use a hammer.  The nut is so hard it is like a little 


     The trees are not hard to grow in the house. Just 

put the seed, one or two in a flowerpot and watch it 

grow.  The dark green leaves have thorns on them so 

as they get older watch out so you don’t get pricked.

     After a few years it will have clumps of tiny 

flowers that can be pink or white. They also can be 

purple.  Then you will have bunches of green balls.

     Macadamia nuts have their own genes.  They are 

not changing its development with these men of science.  This nut will help you to live healthy.

     Now you can enjoy this wonderful treat and share 

it with your friends.  Always give your best.  They are 

very available on the internet.  The Lord is so good to give us such a wonderful food as well as the rest of the great variety He has created for our enjoyment.

     They also make ornaments with these and other nuts and seeds.