This is a flower that seems to be turned inside out.  Although it is very delicate looking it is a flower that lasts for a longer time than many others.  It will bloom all winter long if it likes its situation.  The hues can be very intriguing and make you think of an extra special Artist who made it just so perfect and exquisitely different.  The sight makes up for the fact that there is not much for smell. 












     Dainty designs cover the heart shaped leaves with little points sticking out around the edges.  We have enjoyed this plant for many years and every time it gets it new growth it makes much conversation of its beauty.  There have been two others as well as the pink one, that was white and there is one of deep purple.






 "The home of our first parents was to be a pattern for other homes as their children should go forth to occupy the earth. That home, beautiful by the hand of God himself, was not a gorgeous palace. Men, in their pride, delight in magnificent and costly edifices, and glory in the works of their own hands; but God placed Adam in a garden. This was his dwelling. The blue heavens were its dome; the earth, with its delicate flowers and carpet of living green, was its floor; and the leafy branches of the goodly trees were its canopy. Its walls were hung with the most magnificent adornings, - the handiwork of the great Master-artist. In the surroundings of the holy pair was a lesson for all time, - that true happiness is found, not in the indulgence of pride and luxury, but in the communion with God through his created works. If men would give less attention to the artificial, and cultivate greater simplicity, they would come far nearer to answering the purpose of God in their creation. Pride and ambition are never satisfied, but those who are truly wise will find substantial and elevating pleasure in the sources of enjoyment that God has placed within the reach of all. . . ." 

January 29, 1893 

N/A, GCDB 32