Zebra Flower






     My husband thought this was an interesting plant.  The trimmings take to root quite well and it is very interesting to watch the changes in this plant as it progresses.  The white strips on the leaves would make you think of the zebra.  And the yellow flowers certainly turn your mind to the tropics where you would find such exquisite unique art- work.




"When I was wandering from the fold of God, covered with sin and shame, justly meriting the wrath of God, who was it that daily followed me, and in tones of love and pity, besought me to return to the Shepherd? An angel from heaven. 

When I am discouraged and sad, filled with doubts and fears, what is it that encourages, strengthens, comforts, yea, melts my heart till the tears freely flow? The Spirit from heaven.  

Sinner, I would direct your attention to this great store-house of love and mercy. The fountain is inexhaustible. Infinite love, mercy and compassion are the attributes of Him who is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness.  

HEAVEN. Did you ever hear of a name more sweet? It is the personification of all that is holy, just and good. It is the home of angelic hosts, who with meekness, simplicity and fervent love worship the Most High in the beauty of holiness. And there is the city with its brilliant walls, golden streets, shady walks, fragrant flowers, luscious fruit, and pleasant music. But the sinner's Friend is the crowning attraction of the place. In him we behold all that is lovely, all that is pure, all that is good. 

Desponding one, where is your faith? All heaven is interested for you. All will be done that possibly can be done to save you. Read his promises over again, and believe they are for you. Jesus wants you to become holy and pure so that you can enjoy his presence. The more you live out the religion of Jesus, the more you will love it; the nearer you live to God, the more strength you will have. Look at the world, and then look at heaven. Behold the contrast! Which will you have? Beware that no man take thy crown."

July 10, 1860 UrSe, ARSH 64