Strange Pond



     It came to the time when it was decided to remove the old cast iron bathtub from the house and thought we would like to plant a water lily in it. 












     That was several years since this water lily was placed in the garden in its strange looking home but the flowers it has been blooming have every one been a thrill to think they will grow such beauty from our Creator for our enjoyment.  They seem to open up when the sun is bright and then when the shadows of evening come they close and then open again the next day in the sun.

















 Let us make straight paths for our feet, lest the lame be turned out of the way. If we allow our children to associate with evil companions, they 

will by beholding become changed. They will lose the sense of repulsion to evil. Let us do all in our power to keep them from the evil that is in the world. Some years ago, while rowing on Lake Goguac with my husband, we saw a beautiful lily. I asked my husband to get it for me, and to pluck it with as long a stem as he could. He did so, and I examined it. In the stem was a channel through which flowed the nourishment best suited to the development of the lily. This nourishment it took, refusing the vileness with which it was surrounded. It had a connection with the sand far below the surface, and from there drew the sustenance which caused it to develop in its loveliness.  

1SAT 326