Fire Cracker




     Were we surprised when these fire crackers bloomed. 








The package showed red flowers and the name itself makes you think of red.  It was a tiny bag of these little bulbs that our second daughter brought to us many years ago.  We were curious to see these red flowers so into the ground they went.  Sure enough some of them started poking through the soil.  They stayed as tiny as you would expect that little bulb to produce. 








     Then they started getting flowers but they were not red.  They were the most beautiful orchid color and stayed so beautiful.  It is assumed they really do have red ones also but what made these ones a different color?




To leave my dear friends and with neighbors to part,

And go from my home effects not my heart,

Like the thought of absenting myself for a day

From that blest retreat where I've chosen to pray. 

Sweet bower where the pine and the poplar have spread,

And wove, with their branches a roof o'er my head:

How oft have I knelt on the evergreen there,

And poured out my soul to my Savior in prayer.  

The early shrill notes of the loved nightingale

That dwelt in my bower I've observed as my bell

To call me to duty while birds of the air

Sang anthems of praises as I went to prayer.   

How sweet was the zephyr's perfume of the pine,

The ivy, the olive, the wild eglantine;

But sweeter, O sweeter, superlative, were

The joys there I've tasted in answer to prayer. 

September 20, 1843 

JVHe, HST 39