Red On The Tree







     What a sight to behold when the apples are bright red and hanging in abundance from their little stems. 






















     That little stem holds that apple in place for quite some weeks through the wind and the rain and the storm and the sun gathering its strength from the sun and rain and earth all sent from our heavenly Father to provide our every need at just the right times to make the fields and orchards to produce to feed the humans and animals. 







     What a kind and loving God we have to care for us so well.

















     This old apple tree has done very well since we arrived here.  There were three big old apple trees crammed together in one spot.  One was a golden delicious, which my husband cut down soon after we came to dwell here. One of the other was an apple that looked like a Mac Intosh only with a softer texture and a better flavor.   























        Invaders to the apple tree.




















     The other one was shaped a bit like a red delicious but had a much nicer flavor like a Spartan and the center was very often a clear section and the whole apple was very firm.  These last two supplied us with apple for many years until they also were cut down.  Many jars were filled with apples and applesauce for winter use.  And some were dried. 






















































































     But they were getting too old and full of dead little branches and the one had a center part hollowed out.  We are thankful for all the fruit they gave us.      Now there are shoots coming up around the trunk, so we still have an apple tree.





















     Beside the creek a volunteer apple tree came up and is starting to grow apples now.  And there are a couple of smaller apple trees closer to the garden.


 The Nutritious fruit

     I suppose that at some time or other you started counting the different kinds of apples there are as you walk by them in the store.  Well this is only a few of them for there are many varieties of apples.  

     My favorite is the Golden Delicious Apple and it grows so well right here in British Columbia.  Apples would rather grow in the north than in the south for more moisture and in the fall when they are ripe a frost is good for them because it comes out and makes them sweeter after they have been frozen a bit.

     Apples love to grow wild.  We have gathered wonderful apples from wild trees.  The apples are delicious right off the tree even if it has not frosted and then can or freeze them in your freezer.  A dried apple is a special treat and they keep so well.

     If you have an orchard of your own then you will have to control the watering system.  There are ways to control the bugs.  Lots of people have had years of experience and the apples turn out beautiful and yummy.

     So I imagine you being pretty disgusted when you find a worm in the apple.  Our tree is full of wormy apples.

    I cut out the spots and worms and wash the pieces and cook them.  I put them through the blender and fill buckets and plastic containers 

with the sauce and put them in the freezer.


Some of it goes into the canning jars.  Also I cut up small pieces to put in the jars.

     The apples in our yard are produced in abundances.  The tree looks so lovely with all the red spotted balls hanging on the tree.


    The apple is natures medicine cabinet.  It has all the nutrients you need to be in supreme health.  If you have no other fruit the apple will keep you in good health but keep junk food and drugs out of your diet.

     Of course you cannot expect to be well if you take tea and coffee and tobacco because these things are full of poisons. That is why there are so many sick people.

     Some of the ways I like to fix apples are baked apples whole with the skin on and apple crisp.  I blend nuts with oats and dates and sprinkle over chopped apples that you mix some flour and dates to.

     So enjoy that big beautiful apple every single day whether it be red or yellow or green or a combination of these beautiful colors it will delight your taste and brighten up your smile and make you feel real good. 

     There are 7500 kinds of apples.  4-500 million bushels of apples grow every year.



  "This earth has been cursed because of sin, and in these last days vermin of every kind will multiply. These pests must be killed, or they will annoy and torment and even kill us, and destroy the work of our hands and the fruit of our land. In places there are ants [termites] which entirely destroy the woodwork of houses. Should not these be destroyed? Fruit trees must be sprayed, that the insects which would spoil the fruit may be killed. God has given us a part to act, and this part we must act with faithfulness. Then we can leave the rest with the Lord.   

     God has given no man the message, Kill not ant or flea or moth. Troublesome and harmful insects and reptiles we must guard against and destroy, to preserve ourselves and our possessions from harm. And even if we do our best to exterminate these pests, they will still multiply."  

3SM 329