These plain flowers have become a very important part of our yard. 


















     Years ago I wondered why people had so many petunias because I did not think they were the greatest at that time compared to many others and I must have smelled the wrong one then for I thought the smell was not that great either. 








          Petunias with the cosmos.


















     Ever since we have come here the petunias have flourished in abundance and have made us very pleased with the way the Lord has blessed them in so many colors.









     Though we enjoy the plain ones very much, the double petunias are certainly special and can give delight to anyone.











     The simple common petunia was first found in South America.  The many kinds of petunias we see now are largely hybrids. There are all shapes and sizes and colors and the largest is the Grandiflora that can be about four inches in diameter.  Some of them have wonderful long-living fragrance that you would love to have it follow you everywhere you go.  The good thing about this flower is that it will drop its seeds and come up the next year to give you the bright delight for another summer if its is the right type.  Of  course some that are crossed will not produce the mature seeds to fulfill their duty to reproduce.  If you want a flower to bloom all summer this is the flower you want to start with for they are so easy to care for.  To help them to spread and make more stems and flowers you can pinch out the center leaves of the tips of the stems.  They look so nice in your hanging basket and on the sloping hill or along the pathway and by the pond.  They grow well with marigolds and make a pretty contrasting picture.