A friend gave us two potted squash plants when the season was getting late for planting but they went into the ground and this is what has happened as you can see below.


















  "BOILED SQUASH. - Winter squash should be pared, cleaned inside, cut into small pieces, and boiled, or steamed, which is better. When done, mash and season with sugar, and it is ready for the table.   

BAKED SQUASH. - Take winter squash, cut in halves, partially clean them inside, and bake slowly in an oven an hour and a half; then scrape the inner surface and remove the squash from the rind - which has served as a dish in baking - mash and serve for the table Or, cut the squash into several pieces, clean inside, and bake slowly. Eat the same as bread or baked potatoes." 

1865 JW, HHTL 48

 SQUASH PIE. - This is even superior to pumpkin, as it possesses a richer, sweeter flavor, and is far preferable. It is made in precisely the same manner as pumpkin pie. 

1865 JW, HHTL 38 

 Pumpkin Pie (Squash)

4 C Cooked Pumpkin

4 T Whole Wheat Flour

¼ C Blackstrap

15 Fresh Dates

½ C Raw Cashews (washed)

¼ t Salt

Pinch of Fennel Seeds

¼ t Anise Seeds

1 C Water or more

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Pour into pie pan with the following

ground together spread over the pie pan.

½ C sunflower seeds

½ C Oats

3 dates

1 T Creamed Coconut

Bake for one hour at 350 degrees.


   "We are glad to be able to report that we have made a trial of our land, and we can testify to the fact that false witness has been borne of it. Though it was very late last year when our vegetables were planted, and though we had no rain except a few showers from March to October, yet the yield of squashes, melons, peas, beans, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes has been excellent. Our orchards also are doing very well. The coming season we hope the crops will do much better. Quite a space of land has been cleared, and the vegetables will be planted earlier. Our second crop of peas is now up, and the potatoes we have planted are up and doing well. We are all convinced that this is the place where we should locate."  

21MR 6



 "At Fresno, Cal., we were happily surprised to receive a visit from Bro. M. J. Church and his son, who came into the car laden with an abundant supply of peaches, grapes, and melons. The grapes were of the choicest varieties, and the peaches were large yellow ones, some of which measured ten inches around. This supply, so timely, was a blessing to us all the way to Michigan. We enjoyed a pleasant but short visit with these brethren, and then were again on our way." 


RH, September 15, 1885