Bright Peach

     In the spring my husband likes to bring home some fresh potted plants for the well.  I was expecting that he would bring some double impatiens because it is just the right kind of sun that makes them do so well in that place, but when I saw what the flowers were it was a surprise to see these pretty big New Guinea impatiens of brilliant shiny peachy color.  They took to their new home very nicely and are still blooming.










Gods Flower The Bible

 "Were we wrong then? If so, then wrong will give a love as holy as angels breathe, and pure as the water of life. Who was our Master then? - Jesus Christ, who was at the door. Who claimed preeminence above his fellows then? None. Like little children, we sucked the honeyed flower and ate the naked truth. The Bible! - a precious book! The Bible! - no treasure on the earth was prized like that! We knew our friends and brethren by this Book of books. If we met a stranger, and in his pocket, hand, or heart, we found a Bible, we called him brother; and even the infidel would call him opprobrious names which they had affixed to us. " 

 1853 SB, MWM 343