If you want a hardy plant to grow in your house and not have to think much of how much water it needs you may want to invest in a philodendron.  There is a wide variety in this family that are very wonderful vines. 










     They can be trained to go anywhere to make an added interest to the environment.  Some are variegated with white sections to the leaves.  They just grow and grow and can be trimmed from time to time to get a fresher look.













 Children Starving.

"A correspondent speaking of the sufferings of the poor in the counties of Spottslyvania. Stafford and Caroline, says: I stopped near a village to feed my horse and refresh myself, and here I discovered for the first time the state of the poor in the vicinity. Where my horse had eaten his corn from a blanket, several grams lay scattered on the ground. Three little half clad children came and gathered them up and ate them. I was interested in one of them, a little girl, and called her to me, and upon questioning her, she said they had not eaten a piece of bread for three days, their only food having been wild greens gathered from the fields. She said her father was killed in the first battle of Fredericksburg, and there was now no one in the neighborhood to whom they could apply for help. I gave them what I had in my haversack, and left them enjoying themselves." 

July 12, 1864 UrSe, ARSH 54