Maple Color














     Both sides of the back yard were full of maple trees.  When you cut the tops off, don’t think that the tree is gone.  The stump will soon give you another tree very shortly.  The maple tree is very beautiful and the twirls that fall each year make it even more interesting to watch them come from the trees and if they are hitting a roof or a window sometimes you can wonder what is invading you for all the noise they can make. 







     The squirrels like to climb the trees and eat the seeds.  Even the humming birds come to the green flowers that dangle on the ends of the branches.

     Everyone knows how colorful the maple tress can be in the fall.  The colors vary from year to year.




"My husband frequently said that when he passed by a beautiful maple tree, he wanted to take off his hat in respect; but that when he saw a large house, he wanted to pass by as quickly as possible. Not the fine houses, but the beauties of nature, appeal to the soul." 

April 17, 1902. 

5MR 177  

  "The scenery through which we passed [ELLEN WHITE IS HERE DESCRIBING A CARRIAGE JOURNEY IN SWITZERLAND.] was altogether too majestic, too awfully grand, to give anything like a description that can compare to the scenery as it really is. The battlements of rocks--the timeworn rocky walls that have stood since the Flood, washed with the  mountain torrents--stand out smooth as if polished, while rocks  diverse from these in shape are seen in regular layers, as if art had fashioned them. Here . . . we viewed the most interesting, grand scenery that our eyes ever looked upon. The rocks ascend higher and still higher from the earth, and growing from these rocks are beautiful, dark-colored pines intermingled with the lighter and most beautiful living green of the maple and beech. . . . Such wild grandeur, such solemn scenery, carries one back to the period when the waters rose to the highest points of land, and the unbelieving antediluvians perished for their great wickedness in the waters of the Flood.  

     As we look upon . . . the rocks of every conceivable shape, we say, "How wonderful, O Lord, are thy works in all the earth." The softening, subduing touches penciled by the great Master Artist in the beautiful arrangement of dress of dark and living green, this beautiful combination of colors to cover the rugged, time-seamed rocks! Then the deep gorges, the noisy, fast-rushing streams, and the grand mountains covered with forest trees in their beautiful summer robes!   

     The view is grand in the extreme, and presents to the senses such high and holy and strong and sacred ideas of God our Maker. And then the thought that we may call Him Father! . . . If anyone can look upon this scenery without being impressed with the greatness and majesty of God, his heart must indeed be unimpressible. I do so long for a closer connection with God. This God of majesty and might may be our Father, our Friend, our hope and crown of rejoicing."


TMK 146  

  "We were surprised to find that so much had already been done toward preparing this building for the reception of patients. By taking advantage of several sales of furniture by wealthy people leaving the district, Brother Palmer secured several lots of first-class furniture at a very low price, and we found more rooms furnished than we had expected to find. The furniture is very good. Some of it is bird's-eye maple, and it is all solid and of the best make." 

14MR 229