Yellow Ball

     The perfect shape of these balls makes you just look and look, for creation wonders never stop showing up around us.  No wonder you do not see many bugs on the marigold, even though they are a lovely sight the smell is so strong it can make you turn away. 








     These smelly flowers come in quite a variety of shapes and sizes and are a very good garden plant as well as putting color to the surroundings.  They make a nice border around the garden and flowerbeds.

















 "In the pure, transparent atmosphere of tropical regions, the colors are far more brilliant. There, oftentimes, the nocturnal sky is a blaze of jewels, the stars glittering with the green of the emerald, the blue of the amethyst, and the red of the topaz. In our latitudes, there are no stars visible to the naked eye which are decidedly blue or green. [So it is true that one differeth from another in glory.] In the double and multiple stars, every color is presented in all its richness and beauty. We also find combinations of colors complementary to each other. Here is a green star with a blood-red companion; here an orange and blue sun; there a yellow and a purple one. The triple star Andromeda, is formed of an orange-red sun and two others of an emerald green. Every tint that blooms in the flowers of summer flames out in the stars at night. 'The rainbow flowers of the footstool and the starry flowers of the throne,' proclaim their common Author; while rainbow, flower, and star alike evince the same divine love of the beautiful."—Steele's Fourteen Weeks in Astronomy.  

So just as surely as one flower differs from another in beauty, "one star differeth from another star in glory." 

April 15, 1880 ATJ, ARSH 245


 "And when I violate the laws God has established in my being, I am to repent and reform, and place myself in the most favorable condition under the doctors God has provided--pure air, pure water, and the healing, precious sunlight.    

     Water can be used in many ways to relieve suffering. Drafts of clear, hot water taken before eating (half a quart, more or less), will never do any harm, but will rather be productive of good."

2SM 297