Little Stars

     We were on a business trip but the lady was a plant lover and she snipped off some pieces of her lovely plants.  One of these was what she called a Hoya plant.  These pieces grew in water some roots and then we planted them in pots. 













     The Hoya plant grew very big with lots of dark green leaves and stems but it never had flowers as the years went by. 






    One day we decided to move it from the office window to the window in the plant room and we cut some of the stems back and put it by a trellis.  It was not very long and it felt at home and grew and started getting it wonderful stars.  It’s quite a sight when there are nine clusters of stars hanging from the vine after all this time. 








     Praise the Lord!  Some people call this plant Jesus tears because it gets drops of nectar on the stars and looks like it is weeping.







Used as a Textbook in Eden.

"The whole natural world is designed to be an interpreter of the things of God. To Adam and Eve in their Eden home, nature was full of the knowledge of God, teeming with divine instruction. To their attentive ears it was vocal with the voice of wisdom. Wisdom spoke to the eye and was received into the heart, for they communed with God in His created works.   

     The book of nature, which spread its living lessons before them, afforded an exhaustless source of instruction and delight. On every leaf of the forest and stone of the mountains, in every shining star, in earth and sea and sky, God's name was written. With both the animate and the inanimate creation--with leaf and flower and tree, and with every living creature, from the leviathan of the waters to the mote in the sunbeam--the dwellers in Eden held converse, gathering from each the secrets of its life. God's glory in the heavens, the innumerable worlds in their orderly revolutions, "the balancings of the clouds" (Job 37:16), the mysteries of light and sound, of day and night--all were objects of study by the pupils of earth's first school."  

CG 45