It Does Not Stay Tiny

     One day my husband brought home a tiny pot with an even tinier plant in it. 







     We did not know the name of it and we had no idea how big it would get or where it should be planted for its individual needs.  There was a piece of cedar firewood that we wanted to use for a planter so it was prepared for the plants to be place in it for their permanent home.  There was a little more space so this tiny plant was put into the arrangement.  After several years it became a nice mound and out did all the other plants. 





We are still looking for the name of it. 








     It starts blooming early in the spring and the beauty lasts a long time and then the seeds develop and stick out all over.  We cut them all off and the leaves stay nice all summer unless it is too hot.  They do not die away for the winter, but it is very hardy in the snow land. 









If any one knows the name of it  please clues us in on it.









Seed  Pods







   "To live in the country would be very beneficial to them; an active, out-of-door life would develop health of both mind and body. They should have a garden to cultivate, where they might find both amusement and useful employment. The training of plants and flowers tends to the improvement of taste and judgment, while an acquaintance with God's useful and beautiful creations has a refining and ennobling influence upon the mind, referring it to the Maker and Master of all.    

     Rich Blessings Assured Country Dwellers.--The earth has blessings hidden in her depths for those who have courage and will and perseverance to gather her treasures. . . . Many farmers have failed to secure adequate returns from their land because they have undertaken the work as though it was a degrading employment; they do not see that there is a blessing in it for themselves and their families."  

AH 142