Somebody shared some of their seeds from the package of Echinacea they had and it gave a nice crop of flowers.  It is great when the flowers you grow can be beneficial for more than just looks.  These ones can be used to help you feel better.







 "MEDITATE upon the promises of God. The promises are flowers, growing in the paradise of Scripture; meditation, like the bee, sucks out the sweetness of them. The promises are of no use or comfort to us till they are meditated upon. For as the roses hanging in the garden may give a fragrant perfume, yet their sweet water is distilled only by the fire; so the promises are sweet in reading over, but the water of these roses - the spirit and quintessence of the promises - is distilled into the soul only by meditation. The incense, when it is pounded and beaten, smells sweetest. Meditating on a promise, like the beating of the incense, makes it most odoriferous and pleasant. The promises may be compared to a golden mine, which then only enricheth, when the gold is dug out. By holy meditation we dig out that spiritual gold which lies hid in the mine of the promise, and so we come to be enriched. Cardan saith, there is no precious stone but hath some hidden virtue in it. They are called precious promises" (2Pet.i,4). When they are applied by meditation, then their virtue appears, and they become precious indeed."

June 9, 1863 JWe, ARSH 11