Sometimes you drive along the road in the summer time and the lupines are everywhere brightening up the roadside.  What a wonderful sight in your garden when they are all blooming in different colors. 





     Sometimes it takes a while for them to get flowers but when they do the seeds drop and more will come the next spring. 









     They have been seen to get the most ugly huge aphid like creatures plastered on the stems.  Well, some day soon there will be no more pests in our new heavenly home.






 "Moving slowly over the great American Desert, with not an object in view but the sage-brush and distant mountain-tops, we seem much like a ship at sea. Finally our faithful iron horse, steaming along so grandly, and seeming like a thing of life, begins to ascend the Sierra Nevadas. The scenery is beautiful. Passing Truckee in our descent on the opposite side, we enter snow-sheds. From light to darkness and from darkness to light is the only change for miles. Most of our last night on the train was spent in viewing the scenery. A winter view of the Sierra Nevadas is indeed grand. Pen cannot describe it, as the soft light of the moon sifted down through the grand, frosted evergreens, revealing the deep canyons below and the lofty mountain peaks above. We chose to enjoy this rather than to spend the time in sleeping."  

HR, November 1, 1880