Like A Fountain

     Before we were given this plant, I do not recall ever seeing this kind of flower before.  It was first introduced to us by the name of Bee Balm and then understood to be Monarda.  We planted it on the north side of the house where it was shady for part of the day, because we just thought it would be nice to have something growing in that spot.     It was a narrow strip of soil in between two cement sidewalks. The person who gave it to us was so surprised how well it was doing, because hers was not so well off perhaps because it must like some shade, for she had hers in the bright sun.

     Exceptionally wonderful was the hummingbirds that it attracted to get the sweet it produces.  At first they were all a deep burgundy color, but then a lighter pink one came along  and gave us a thrill.  The shape of this fresh flower and the progress of growth are an awe to behold.

     After some years some other plants started to grow along side the Bee Balm and it seemed the Bee Balm needed to be moved so it could expand, so we put it in front of the pine tree, where it would still have a certain amount of shade and still enjoy some room and sun.  For several years now it has done beautifully in that far corner of the yard and has shown its bright blooms in abundance.  The flowers are long lasting and have the fragrance of faint sage.  In heaven they will not die away for the winter, I can hardly wait to see the never fading flowers there.






































  " In this garden the Lord placed trees of every variety for usefulness and beauty. There were trees laden with luxuriant fruit, of rich fragrance, beautiful to the eye, and pleasant to the taste, designed of God to be food for the holy pair. There were the lovely vines which grew upright, laden with their burden of fruit, unlike anything man had seen since the fall. The fruit was very    large, and of different colors; some nearly black, some purple, red, pink and light green. This beautiful and luxuriant growth of fruit upon the branches of the vine was called grapes. They did not trail upon the ground, although not supported by trellises, but the weight of the fruit bowed them down. It was the happy labor of Adam and Eve to form beautiful bowers from the branches of the vine, and train them, forming dwellings of nature's beautiful, living trees and foliage, laden with fragrant fruit.   

     The earth was clothed with beautiful verdure, while myriads of fragrant flowers of every variety and hue sprang up in rich profusion around them. Everything was tastefully and gloriously arranged."

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