We are use to the weeds, even though it would be nice they would stay somewhere else.  This white flower, we just called it a wild poppy for years because we never really tried to find out the real name for it.  It is so prolific and comes to visit on the long term every where you go and even though you pull the roots out and maybe one got left behind it will show you who is boss and take over again. 



 "What is the best condition in which fruit can be eaten? 

As nearly as possible, whether raw or cooked, it should be eaten in its natural state, free from

spices. It should also be eaten at our meals, with our food, as a portion of the meal, and not between meals, or as a dessert after we have eaten sufficiently of something else.   

  Aside from the healthful building up of the system, is there any peculiar benefit experienced by the vegetable-eater?   HBH  

Careful experiment has shown that the bodies of those that subsist on a vegetable diet, their other habits being right, are not only healthy, but their bodies are but little affected by prevailing epidemics, and contagious diseases. So we may conclude that the systems of such are better prepared to resist disease than that of the meat-eater." 

1868 JNL, HBH 193, 194