What is Your Favorite


Everyone has a favorite that is the priority of choice when given opportunity to pick something for dinner. 











What are you going to choose?  My husband did not like squash for many years and he would not eat it, no matter what kind it was. 












     Now and then we would tell him how delicious it is.  Once in a while we could get him to take a taste.  But when he was introduced to Patty Pan squash it was a different story.  He is very happy to eat Patty Pan squash quite often and enjoy it. 























People also call it Scallop Squash and it is very unique in shape and this itself could attract some ones attention.  Jesus gave us such a wide variety to choose from and gave us so many blessings.








































     For several years we have planted Patty Pan squash.  It can be temperamental and not do so well if the soil is poor.  But we have had many wonderful plants give delicious fruit in abundance. 






















  If you plant the yellow kind, it needs to be put some distance from the white Patty Pan or you will find it could give you a combination of yellow fruit and green on the same plant.



 "During a sitting of the Food Preservative Committee the other day, Mr. Walter Collingwood, a public analyst, stated that in ginger wine, raspberry, orange and black-currant wine, lemon squash, lime juice, etc., he had found salicylic acid in varying quantities. One of the members of the Committee remarked, "If some benevolent person took school children out for a picnic, you would advise that they give milk rather than these drinks," to which the Professor replied: "It would be a question of choice; in the one case they would be given salicylic acid, and in the other boracic acid." Evidently the people are awakening to the fact that even milk as it is usually dispensed is not a desirable beverage." 

February 8, 1899