Soft Blue







     Some Hydrangea plants have blue flowers and some have pink flowers.  Several years ago our oldest daughter brought us a bouquet of striking soft blue hydrangea flowers from her plant that she has in her front yard.  They lasted quite a while but when they did dry up they were still such a pretty blue that we left them in the water on the windowsill. 



















     I like to see if sticks will root. It is my practice to put pieces of plants in water to check them out and see if they will grow. 




                                                This is the surprise plant!!!!





























     One of these flower stems started growing leaves so we left them in the water for a long time and then I just stuck all of the flowers around in a pot of soil.  The stem with the few little tiny leaves stayed alive for probably close to two years or more. 
















     I took all the dead flowers off finally but they are still a pretty blue and have them arranged in a bowel.  Last year we gave it a little bit of plant food and it started growing more nice leaves. 



















 This is a different plant that our second daughter brought.









     This year it was so pretty with all the fresh foliage. But then a few months ago it started to get yellow and looked like it was going to die.  It must be those spider mites that have devastated so many things in the past. 












So I cut off all the leaves except one or two at the bottom that looked not so bad.  None of the stems were cut off the plant or it most likely would never have flowers. 














     I washed the whole plant with dish soap and rinsed off the top of the soil with soapy water and washed the pot on the outside.








                                Surprise plant





































     It wasn’t very long and there were new leaves started.  And when those leaves fully developed we were so thrilled to see that flowers were starting to form in the center.  We are so thankful the Lord saved this tiny plant from dying and has brought it from all those yellow leaves to the wonderful green again.  He is interested in these things and makes them all to grow for us to enjoy.






















     Now this plant came from a flower stem that had a blue flower and it has pink flowers growing on it.  This soil must have different nutrients than the original plant had.





 "This education, in felling trees, tilling the soil, erecting buildings, as well as in literature, is the very education our youth should each seek to obtain. As soon as possible a printing press should be connected with our school, in order to educate in this line. Tent making also should be taken hold of. Buildings should be erected, and masonry should be learned. There are also many things which the lady students may be engaged in. There is cooking, dressmaking, and gardening to be done. Strawberries should be planted, plants and flowers cultivated. This the lady students may be called out of doors to do. Thus they may be educated to useful labor. Thoughtful, necessary work is essential for all to have to prepare them to be missionaries. Bookbinding also, and a variety of trades should be taken up. These will not only be putting into exercise brain, bone, and muscle, but will also be gaining knowledge."  

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