Butter Cups


     I’m so glad the Lord planted these buttercups by the porch.  It makes such a pretty yellow landscape for a shady area that has a hard time to grow much of anything domestic.  They keep blooming for a long time and their shiny yellow cups will make anyone smile.  They like to grow in the lawn, so along with the dandy lions they help to decorate the lawn.



     When my children were young they liked to make wreathes with the buttercups and other flowers and weave them together.



     Did you notice that in the evening the buttercups fold up their petals and hide their glowing shiny yellow for the night.



"God will teach us many things through the flowers alone, if we but listen to His still small voice. He speaks to us through the buttercups and daisies, through the modest violet, the sweet-scented pink, the blue-eyed for-get-me-not, the friendly-faced pansy, and the beautiful roses; through the geraniums, and all their pink and scarlet glory, and through the golden-hearted lily." 

October 19, 1893 EJW, PTUK 461 

"For "ye are God's husbandry,"-His tillage, or land where He sows His seed. How eagerly He watches for the tender blade that marks the first upspringing of His grace, yet how patiently He waits for the great, glad harvest day, when all the fruits of His toil and sacrifice will be safely garnered.  

Are you not glad that you may be a little comer in the King's garden? You love the beautiful sweet-swelling flowers that are beginning to appear on the earth now that "the time of the singing of birds in come" again, do you not? So does the King take pleasure in His garden, and the buds and blossoms of grace that grow there in the fresh springtime of youth are very precious, a delight and comfort to Him.  

But you know that none of the beautiful flowers that you see, not even the field daisies or buttercups, no, not even a tiny blade of grass, could come out of the earth, if they were not first put into it. There must be seed cast into the ground, if anything is to spring up and grow."


May 23, 1901 EJW, PTUK 330