Mexican Hat

     The Mexican hat plant will grow just about anywhere.  It gets little babies all along the edge of the thick leaf.  When the babies get tired of hanging on they fall and start a new plant.  Even if it fell where there is no soil the roots will start to grow and they don’t need water for some time. 



















     And they will survive with little sunlight.







    "As we rode through the outskirts of the city of Williamsport, we found evidences that the flood had preceded us in its work of devastation. One field of thirty acres was covered with rich tapestry, with carpets of all colors and qualities, which has been spread out to dry in the sunshine. Lines hanging full of all kinds of dry goods, were stretched in the yards. In front of churches were sofas, chairs, and other articles of furniture that had been damaged by the water. All along the streets, sidewalks had been washed away, save where the precaution had been taken to tie them to the houses. Front steps were gone, and boxes, logs, and rubbish of all kinds, were heaped up in the gardens and yards. The stores throughout the city seemed to have suffered great loss because of the deluge, and boxes of coffee, beans, pea-nuts, candies, crackers, apothecary goods, and the contents of jewelers' shops were piled up on the streets, waiting for removal. The perishable goods were already in a state of fermentation, and seemed likely to breathe pestilence by their decay.  {RH, August 13, 1889   

     We were told that the camp-ground had been flooded, and that the tents had been taken down. When we arrived at the place, we found that a number of tents were pitched on a rise of ground beyond the original camp-ground, and that the campers were all safe. We were glad indeed to meet our friends, and they received us with joy."