Tiger Lily

     There was a tiger lily growing in the wild flower garden at one time.  It hangs from a long stem similar to the columbine.  The petals curl up and show all the freckles on the orange face. 






        How did it get its name? 









     These lilies grow wild out in the wilderness so you know that the Lord planted them.  They do brighten up the trail.



"It is officially stated in Germany that owing to the depression in industry and the diminished earnings of the working class, the number of horses and dogs slaughtered for human consumption largely increased. In consequence of the increased demand for horse-flesh, the Berlin slaughterers were obliged to send out agents to purchase horses in the provinces. This is referred to as a startling fact, which it certainly is, but it is no worse than the large consumption in England of beasts and fishes which are scavengers by nature. While the poor are turning to all kinds of flesh food, there is abundance of nutriment to grains and legumes, such as peas and beans, at a much lower cost than the cheapest kinds of meat. It is true that many deride the idea of living on non-flesh foods, but thousands are proving that fruits, grains, legumes and nuts offer an almost boundless variety of pure, easily-cooked food, at prices that suit all classes. The man who draws his supplies from there sources does not fear high prices of meat, or diseases among cattle. He reads without any personal anxiety of ptomaine poisoning, and if fruit, or some other of his supplies should be scarce, he has so many sources of supply that the failure of one or two does not cause serious embarrassment."

 August 27, 1903 EJW, PTUK 557