These peonies were here when we moved in to this house.  Each spring they come up from the same sandy soil that you would think would be depleted by now. 












     But the flowers are just wonderful and fill out in full beauty of pure white with one tiny dot line of deep pinkish red. 










     It makes me think of Jesus purity and the spear wound in His side.




     The other plant has white flowers also but the out side petals are a very light pink.  What will they be like in heaven when they are so lovely on earth?








  "Will you send me one of my straw hats by Frank Patten? If you could dry a few peony roots and let her take them in her trunk, and send a few slips of Queen of Prairie and a few choice seeds, as summer greens and pansy seeds, I should like some of these things so much. Send me verbena seeds. . . . [From] our old place in the field which we sold, I wish you could send a slip of snowballs and a trumpet vine. These would take but little space and if you could send them I could have something new here which they have not."

     --Letter 61, 1876.  

7MR 282 

 "You know that when seed is thrown upon the ground it seems to be quite lost to the one who sows it; but by and by, green leaves, and sometimes sweetest blossoms, and at last many seeds, are brought forth from the one seed that was given up.  

God gave His only begotten Son that He might "bring many sons unto glory," all bearing His perfect image, and showing forth His beautiful, fragrant character. Then what will please Him more-or so much-as that you should give Him your heart to be the soil, the ground, where this precious Seed is sown?  

"Wouldest bring a gift to Jesus

That He would count most sweet?

Say, 'Lord, my heart I give Thee;'

And lay it at His feet."  

Then as His beautiful life appears in you, you will be "unto God a sweet savour of Christ" continually. Do you not enjoy a sweet smell? How much more we prize the fragrant flowers, even the little modest violet, than those which have no odour, though they be as large and showy as the gaudy peony.  

Has God seen any of the beauty of His Son in you?"

January 11, 1900 EJW, PTUK 26