Some weeds you get use to and do not mind them coming up in certain places.  I suppose that catnip is not a weed but it comes up here and there and we did not plant it.  So the Lord planted it and makes it to flourish very nicely in different places of the yard.  Some people dry lots of its pretty leaves and use it for their winter drink as well as fresh. 






























     But it was very

 interesting when one day I saw a cat lay down beside a catnip plant and wriggled contentedly around the plant and sniffed at it and relaxed peacefully beside it.  The Lord planted it for the cat because we don’t use it and pull many of them out as weeds, although we do like to see the delicate beauty of the flowers.






 "I must have wisdom to be a faithful guardian of my body. I should do a very unwise thing to enter a cool room when in a perspiration; I should show myself an unwise steward to allow myself to sit in a draft, and thus expose myself so as to take cold. I should be unwise to sit with cold feet and limbs, and thus drive back the blood from the extremities to the brain or internal organs. I should always protect my feet in damp weather.    

     I should eat regularly of the most healthful food which will make the best quality of blood, and I should not work intemperately if it is in my power to avoid doing so.   

     And when I violate the laws God has established in my being, I am to repent and reform, and place myself in the most favorable condition under the doctors God has provided--pure air, pure water, and the healing, precious sunlight.   

     Water can be used in many ways to relieve suffering. Drafts of clear, hot water taken before eating (half a quart, more or less), will never do any harm, but will rather be productive of good.   

     A cup of tea made from catnip herb will quiet the nerves." 


2SM 296-297  


 "Every day the nurses are to be taught in regard to their line of work. They should learn how to walk and talk with Jesus, coming close to Him, as He comes close to them.   

     Let the helpers in the institution fully understand that in their daily work they are gaining an education more valuable than anything which they could gain merely in a schoolroom. A practical training is worth far more than theoretical knowledge. The common words by which we know simple remedies are as useful as are the technical terms used by physicians for these same remedies. To request a nurse to prepare some catnip tea, answers the purpose fully as well as would directions given to her in language understood only after long study.     

     The Lord does not use words that are meaningless to the ordinary person."

19MR 48