To have a treat, plant some scarlet runner beans and watch them climb the pole. 







     Not only do they have a delicious flavor but they attract the humming birds to your garden because they like the bright red flowers running up high.  You will enjoy picking them as well. 


























     The beans inside are big and speckled and the pods can get big and thick so when they get big use them for seed for the next spring or dry them for winter use.  When you pick them for fresh eating they are good at four or five inches looking thin before they get too old.  At a certain stage the seeds get to be a pretty pink.






 "But the other members of my family do not eat the same things that I do. I do not hold myself up as a criterion for them. I leave each one to follow his own ideas as to what is best for him. I bind no one else's conscience by my own. One person cannot be a criterion for another in the matter of eating. It is impossible to make one rule for all to follow. There are those in my family who are very fond of beans, while to me beans are poison."

CD 491

 "There is a wide difference in constitutions and temperaments, and the demands of the system differ greatly in different persons. What would be food for one, might be poison for another; so precise rules cannot be laid down to fit every case. I cannot eat beans, for they are poison to me; but for me to say that for this reason no one must eat them would be simply ridiculous. I cannot eat a spoonful of milk gravy, or milk toast, without suffering in consequence; but other members of my family can eat these things, and realize no such effect; therefore I take that which suits my stomach best, and they do the same. We have no words, no contention; all moves along harmoniously in my large family, for I do not attempt to dictate what they shall or shall not eat."  

CD 494