Are They Wild ?

     Twenty-three years ago when we first arrived on this place, the plot of ground which was the original garden spot was over-grown with grass and weeds, so the thing we thought had to be done was to start digging.  When it was ready to plant some seeds there were two things that were left in the garden that we did not dig out. 














Two tiny rose bushes were growing in such strategic places you would think that someone planted them in the midst of all the weeds and grass.  





















But they were so small that they could have even grown from a flying seed in the wind or maybe a bird dropped a rose hip.  Whatever the case may be we do not know.  So there they were and as they grew from year to year they had the most fragrant lush pink flowers.  They like to push their roots through the ground just as the trumpet vine and the raspberries do and then pop up through the ground to grow a new rose bush.  One of these shoots was moved to the side of the garden next to some berry vines where there was a trellis for them to grow on.  The trellis has been gone now for some time after getting too old to look nice any more, but the rose bush and the berries are still there.



























     These roses reminds us of Jesus the Rose Of Sharon because of His fragrance of love filling the whole earth.      

This rose plant was given to us not long after we came to live here and it grew in the circle flowerbed for quite some time and then we moved it to the hill near the grape vine.

     A couple of years ago a man came and brought us a red rose plant especially for our anniversary so this rose we planted by the steps and reminds us of his thoughtfulness.































"The impress of Deity, manifest in the pages of revelation, is seen upon the lofty mountains, the fruitful valleys, the broad, deep ocean. The things of nature speak to man of his Creator's love. He has linked us to himself by unnumbered tokens in heaven and in earth. This world is not all sorrow and misery. "God is love," [1 John 4:8.] is written upon every opening bud, upon the petals of every flower, and upon every spire of grass. Though the curse of sin has caused the earth to bring forth thorns and thistles, there are flowers upon the thistles, and the thorns are hidden by roses. All things in nature testify to the tender, fatherly care of our God, and to his desire to make his children happy. His prohibitions and injunctions are not intended merely to display his authority, but in all that he does, he has the well-being of his children in view. He does not require them to give up anything that it would be for their best interest to retain.   

     The opinion which prevails in some classes of society, that religion is not conducive to health or to happiness in this life, is one of the most mischievous of errors. The Scripture says: "The fear of the Lord tendeth to life; and he that hath it shall abide satisfied." [Proverbs 19:23.]" 

CE 67

   "At the home of Brother Hicks, where she was entertained, she was visited by an old lady who was violently opposed in her Christian life by her husband. This interview lasted an hour. After this, weary, weak, and perplexed, she thought to retire to her room and pray. Climbing the stairs, she knelt by the bed, and before the first word of petition had been offered she felt that the room was filled with the fragrance of roses. Looking up to see whence the fragrance came, she saw the room flooded with a soft, silvery light. Instantly her pain and weariness disappeared. The perplexity and discouragement of mind vanished, and hope and comfort and peace filled her heart."  

LS 310  

"And the deserts wild are blooming fair, 

        And the roses of Sharon grow. 

      There are lovely birds in the bowers green— 

        Their songs are blithe and sweet; 

      And their warblings gushing ever new 

        The angel's harpings greet."