Lamb’s Quarters




     Do you like to tell someone that you eat weeds?  These are pretty tasty weeds that you can eat raw or cooked and they are delicious.  They grow everywhere so there is no lack and they grow fast again if you do pull them out, up they come again. 








     So for your spring tonic that you don’t even have to plant just gather them from your yard and have a feast.  Mother called them lamb’s quarters, so that’s what

 they are to me.


  "The greatest curse of our world in this our day is idleness. It leads to needless amusements merely to please and gratify self. The students have had a superabundance of this way of passing their time. They are now to have a different education, that they may be prepared to go forth from the school with an all-round education. We are to keep before the school the development of the useful arts, acquiring adaptability and talents to be employed to be co-laborers with God. This kind of knowledge will open to them doors of welcome for foreign fields, and the building of plain, simple homes will be essential.   

     The proper cooking of food is a most essential acquirement, especially where meat is not made the staple article of diet. Something must be prepared to take the place of meat, and these foods must be well prepared so that meat will not be desired."  

1SAT 280


  "IF we are cheerful and contented, all nature smiles with us; the air seems more balmy, the sky more clear, the ground has a brighter green, the trees have a richer foliage, the flowers a more fragrant smell, the birds sing more sweetly, the sun, moon, and stars, all appear. 

THE Bible is the best gift of God to man. It teaches him from whence he is, and whither he is going, and reveals the terms on which he may be happy in time and in eternity."

November 24, 1863 JWe, ARSH 203