Do you like the white blossoms on the orange trees?  They have a special aroma to them.  There are some orange trees in the house but they have never had any flowers.  We keep hoping that someday it will happen.



     Well, when we go out in the wilderness there are seen some of the big bushes that have a flower that is white and similar to the orange blossoms but it is bigger. 






     The fragrance could remind you of the blossoms from the citrus trees so we have been calling it mock orange blossoms. 













     They give out a nice clump of beauty and aroma that would remind you also of the wedding of Adam and Eve.































     There were for a while quite a bit of these bushes by the hill where the maple trees are but as the maples got bigger it must have made it too shady for them and they have died out, but there is one small one by the porch still trying to survive.


 "Thus was earth created, and, as if this was not enough to reveal the fullness of Divine beneficence, away in the eastward, amid the spice-laden trees and flowery fields of Eden, beneath the first beams of the rising sun, God planted a beauteous garden.  

We have heard of the royal gardens of antiquity; we have seen the gardens of the rich, where wealth, and art, and taste, and pride united to lavish all their beauties on some little spot of earth. But what are these gardens, with their stately trees, with their gorgeous flowers, with their sparkling waters and their verdant banks, compared with that beauteous work of God? On that virgin soil grew "every tree that was pleasant to the sight, and good for food." How stately were the palms of Paradise! How beauteous the orange-laden groves! How rich the pending fruits! How gay and glorious the flowers! How sweet the floating fragrance of the sighing zephyr! How soft the murmur of the passing breeze! How brilliant the gushing music of the fair-winged birds! How fair the Tree of Life, with its monthly fruits and its healing leaves! How bright the waters of that crystal river, that spread perpetual beauty on its verdant banks, and rolled its divided waters to the far-off regions of Havilbah, Ethiopia and Assyria! Ah! those were happy days, when this garden stood like a gem of unfading beauty upon the peaceful bosom of the world that then was."   

November 14, 1854 JWe, ARSH 110