So, this man that my husband took firewood to, gave him some of the most beautiful dahlias.  They were white and purple and quite something to behold.  We love to bring them in the house so we can enjoy them more of the time. 





























































     A few years later a different man gave my husband some dahlias and these ones are a different kind, some are orange and some yellow.  They have been doing so well, we can never get enough of the sight of their beauty.






 "A Trip With Father and Mother."

 "We arrived at this place last evening about eight o'clock. The cars took us to Albion, and we hired a conveyance to this place. We tarried here last night, rested very well, but it does not seem at all like home.     

     It was so noisy in the city, carriages rattling over the pavement, we did not rest much. But Willie says I must tell you that he had a tomato and pear the second day he left home and as many as he could eat of the great Lawton blackberry, which was in market.    

     He also saw a little pony, no larger than the little circus ponies. A wagon was attached to him, and a little girl about four years old sat in a nice little seat, holding the lines, while another little girl about six jumped from the little wagon, carried a package into a store and then came back, stepped into the carriage and drove away. It was the tiniest little horse and carriage I ever saw.                                 

     Henry and Edson, do not neglect to water the flowers, the dahlias especially. Be kind and loving to each other and faithful to Jenny.     

     Willie says I must tell the boys that he saw a very nice little fountain with water spouting up nicely and with a cork dancing up and down in the water. Abraham says this cork finally fastens in a tube and stops the water.   

     Willie is running back and forth from the tent to the house."

3MR 122, 123