You can remember as children to always eat plenty of spinach so you will grow strong.  A variety of these greens will give you the strength you are looking for.  Spinach is delicious and good for you so it is good to plant it in your garden and eat it in your salad fresh and cook some as well.  It grows fast and is soon seeding it self.  Perhaps it is beneficial to plant some more a few weeks later.







 "Spinach, beet-tops, cabbage sprouts, mustard leaves, turnip leaves, cowslips, dandelions, and deerweed, are all excellent for greens. They all require to be carefully washed and cleaned. Spinach should be washed repeatedly. All the cooking requisite is boiling till tender, and drain on a colander. Lemon juice is the only admissible seasoning."

 1865 JW, HHTL 50